Steel Industrial Company is professional is field of designing and producing dies in order to manufacture industrial parts and complexes. Steel Industrial Company, SIC,

always tries to improve its abilities and customers satisfaction. We always create solution to resolving our customers requirements.

The company is located in 8000 square meter field in Caspian Industrial State, Qazvin. By employing the best educated and expert engineers, we can design and produce dies and manufacturing parts and complexes in high quality. SIC has a press shop equipped with presses from 6 tons up to 400 tons, both hydraulical and mechanical in addition to high technological Machining and die making business unit.

SIC, founded in 1363 by A.Ezazi and started its business in Rajaei Industrial state, Qazvin. In 1374, SIC commenced to manufacturing automobile body parts for Iranian automobile manufacturer such as SAIPA and IKCO and their subsidiaries companies, Sazeh Gostar Saipa (SGS), Mega Motor, Saipa R&D department, IHDM, Sapko. SIC moved to Caspian Industrial State for development.

SIC succeeded to achieve ISO 9001:2002 and in 1384 attain ISO/TS 16949:2002. Different quality grades and licences are achieve from customers in these years.

SIC values are team work, keep customers secrets , commitment, responsibility, creativity and innovation. SIC tries to increase portfolios along with increasing its products qualty to take part in  worldwide industries.